Dean Clough Lego Model, Halifax, West Yorkshire, 1 million Lego bricks

Lego model

Within the aptly named, Lego Brick Gallery in D Mill, is situated the enormous Lego model of Dean Clough. The model of the 22 acre site has been built on a scale of 1:40, dictated by the windows which are as small as they can be without becoming too simplified.

It was constructed in 2009 by Lego purists, Michael LeCount and Tony Priestman out of approximately 1 million bricks! The model is so intricate it has every window, fire escape and drainpipe in its correct position.

Also situated around the room are artefacts and photographs taken during the Crossley Carpets era and at the start of the renovation of Dean Clough in the 1980s.

Dean Clough Lego Model in D Mill Halifax