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June 6th 2021 - October 3rd 2021


Ongoing event
10:00 am - 5:00 pm


Free to view

Showcase (in support of Northern artists)

Date: Opens 6th June 2021 

Location: All Dean Clough Galleries

The largest group show Dean Clough has ever witnessed embraces a simple idea. One artist shows one work. If they sell it, they put another one up. If someone likes what they see, they check out the artist’s website or send them an email. As the pandemic declines it should help the arts sector come back to life…

But it’s a bit more than that. It’s also a show that will change, subtly, as the year wears on. It can pause for ‘local lockdowns’ or accommodate social distancing measures or whatever nasty surprises might yet come our way…

Above all, ‘Showcase’ is a chance to illustrate quite how deeply enmeshed the visual arts are within the social fabric. While it has a focus on West Yorkshire, it includes painters and photographers we admire from Liverpool to Hull and from Sheffield to Middlesbrough. It’s not definitive; but it is illustrative of something quite wonderful about people. Don’t miss it. And keep coming back!
Supported by the Dept. for Culture, Media and Sport and by the Arts Council of England.

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