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April 21st 2022 - May 31st 2022


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IOU’s Two Rivers

Two Rivers is IOU’s new installation, fusing woodcuts, sculpture, technology, spoken word, and sound art. Suitable for all ages, it explores themes of evolution, heritage, legacy and is a metaphor for the circle of life, the passage of time and the cycles of nature.

The production has been created by IOU in collaboration with artist Richard Wincer, writer Louise Oliver, composer Dan Morrison and sculptor Andy Plant.

Designed for both indoor and outdoor spaces, two rows of tall, spindly desks create a long avenue for audiences to walk between. The open-fronted desks reveal trays of inscribed fragments of slate, reminiscent of specimen collections found in the basement of museums.

The words create an atmospheric musical effect combining with the variations in the arrhythmic soundscape, but are rewarding to listen to carefully, creating a contemplative and calm experience.

“We conceived it as a place where snippets of life were seen taking place along the banks of the rivers. There is a feeling that life is fleeting but is captured here in sounds, words and images” Louise Oliver

  • Location Text: Dean Clough
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