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September 10 - 15th - th 2022



Dean Clough Heritage Tours (FULLY BOOKED)

The Dean Clough site covers 22 acres, stretching over half a mile from one end to the other, consisting of 16 significant buildings.

John Crossley began making carpets at Dean Clough in 1802. The first three mills that the Crossley’s built were constructed with wooden floors. Following a fire that destroyed the, then, Bowling Dyke Mill, the mills were constructed using iron girders and stone floors. These “fireproof mills” helped to develop the technique for building skyscrapers in New York.

The Crossleys became renowned for their innovative development of carpet manufacturing. From being the first carpet maker to power carpet looms by steam, to collaborating on the development of looms to create complicated patterns. The latter were controlled using cards with holes in called Jacquard Cards. These cards gave Charles Babbage the idea for creating the world’s first computer.

During Heritage Open Days, Dean Clough will be running guided heritage tours. The tours will take you across the site, both inside and outside of the mill buildings. Sensible shoes are required as there are a few steps.


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