Blue Lady by Sophie Ryder


Main Reception Area ( D Mill)
Dean Clough

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February 19th 2022 - May 23rd 2022



‘Blue Lady’ large mosaic by Sophie Ryder

Concurrent with the Sophie Ryder exhibition at the Halifax Piece Hall (which features the debut of the artist’s 7m. wide ‘Dancing Hares’ sculpture) Dean Clough is delighted to have on display her large mosaic, ‘Blue Lady’ (2021). Ryder’s hugely popular sculptures typically feature human figures wearing hare and minotaur masks, although she is also known for her large drawings of dogs and a series of hanging wireworks that depict eyes.

Ryder (b. London 1963) distances herself from specific art movements and her work has been variously interpreted as an intuitive liaison with nature, as oblique references to fables and in terms of psychological symbolism.  The mosaics, such as the large example at Dean Clough, invite a classical reference to supposed Dionysian rituals in Ancient Greece in which masks are supposed to have enabled the freeing of wild emotions.

‘Blue Lady’ is on display at Dean Clough Mills from 19th February to 23rd May 2022. It fronts-up Dean Clough’s acclaimed ‘Showcase’ exhibition of some 100 works by leading northern artists, as well as the mill’s more permanent features such as Christian Boltanski’s Lost Workers archive and the Lego brick model of what was once the world’s largest carpet factory.

Entry is free. Both the Sophie Ryder exhibition and ‘Showcase’ are supported by the Arts Council of England.

The event is finished.

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