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Crossleys Carpets painted by Christopher Chamberlain c. 1953 Crossleys Carpets painted by Christopher Chamberlain c. 1953
Crossleys Carpets painted by Christopher Chamberlain
c. 1953

The Arts at Dean Clough

Dean Clough is nationally renowned for its commitment to the arts.

It has supported a gallery programme since the mid 1980's that it makes freely available to the public, despite having no direct funding from the local council, the Arts Council of England, or from the EEC.

It has continued to buy art for its collection at a time when many municipal galleries have abandoned the practice.

It provides rent-free accommodation for some 20 artists and for major theatre companies such as Northern Broadsides and IOU theatre, as well as for arts charities such as Northern Orchestral Enterprises Ltd (NOEL), or Yorkshire Youth & Music.

It regularly supports regional and national theatre initiatives, and has a history of mounting memorable musical performances - particularly with its acclaimed jazz seasons.

Notable highlights have included:

  • The Henry Moore Studio (1989 to 2003) featuring residencies by Richard Long, Bruce McClean, Alison Wilding, Christian Boltanski, Sir Anthony Caro, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Lawrence Wiener etc.

  • Head office for Anthony Quayle's 'Compass Theatre' touring company (closed 1993)

  • The premiere performance of Ted Hughes' last play, 'Alcestis', by Northern Broadsides in September 2000

  • The first presentation of '60 minutes silence', one of Gillian Wearing's videos that won her the Turner Prize in 1997

  • The sole location for Hull Truck Theatre's revival of 'Bouncers' directed by author John Godber in 2004
The People's Theatre of Sichuan
The People's Theatre of Sichuan
  • The provision of free studio space for Tim Noble and Sue Webster ('The Art Junkies') who were subsequently feted by Charles Saatchi

  • The International Artists Bookfair and The Bookshop: the longest-running UK initiatives to support the unique art form known as 'Artists Books'.

  • 'Sailing Through the Three Gorges' - one of the first performances in the UK by the People's Art Theatre of Sichuan in the UK (1997)

  • Performances by Mercury Prize Jazz Winners such as Polar Bear (2006) and Zoe Rahman (2001)

  • Performances by exceptional musicians such as Ravi Shanka (1996), Kevin Coyne (1999) and Lee Konitz (2006)
Zoe Rahman, Mercury Prize nominee in 2006 Zoe Rahman, Mercury Prize nominee in 2006
  • Presentation of only the second professional production of Milton's masque 'Samson Agonistes' by Northern Broadsides in 1998

  • The reproduction of the original Pushkin working notebooks in 21 volumes (1997) see

  • The permanent exhibition of large paintings by renowned film maker Derek Jarman (1942-1994)

  • The acquisition of works by notable regional artists such as Martin Parr, Jeff Nuttall, Tony Earnshaw and Derek Hyatt.
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