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Welcome to DEAN CLOUGH... home to one of the UK's most active private galleries, devoted largely to the work of leading artists in the North of England. The galleries are open between 10.00am and 5.00pm, seven days a week. This page gives details of our current exhibition programme which we hope you will enjoy. Please note, though, that there are occasions when some of the galleries will not be accessible to the public. We generally advise people to call reception (01422 250250) to check availability.

Chris Vine
Chris Vine's 'The Taming of the Shrew'; come to the exhibition to find out why 'Kate' is in hawking gear (... unless you're smart enough to know why!)
Chris Vine: A Brush with Shakespeare
Upstairs Galleries
Chris Vine: A Brush with Shakespeare
January 25th to April 20th 2014

Four years ago, Barrie Rutter – the much lauded artistic director of Northern Broadsides – commissioned national illustrator Chris Vine to provide a book-sized illustration for each of Shakespeare's plays. Since then Chris has been poring through all 37 texts (aided with the BBC Shakespeare DVDs) looking for features in the scenes, themes or specific lines that appealed to his distinctive, verbally-inspired sense of the surreal. As a private commission, this is not only a premiere but might be the only chance people will get to see the whole collection together. It’s a labour of love that is anything but lost...

Kailash, North Face, Morning
Kailash, North Face, Morning
Julian Cooper: Reading the Rock
Crossley Gallery
Julian Cooper: Reading the Rock
January 25th to April 20th 2014

A 12 year retrospective by the celebrated Cumbrian painter Julian Cooper (b. 1947) that has been organised in collaboration with London’s Artspace Gallery. “When a piece of land inclines towards the vertical, our relationship with it changes,” says Julian of these intelligent and sensitive mountainscapes. “We can no longer walk on it and it cannot grow food for us. So we either ignore it, or it becomes an aesthetic object in itself, akin to a work of art, and a visible record of time, weather and geological change”. Since the millennium Julian has travelled to Kanchenjuna in Nepal (“wild and inaccessible”) to the Eiger (“a stage for human action...”); from Mt. Kailash in Tibet (“sacred and unclimbed to this day...”) to an abandoned copper mine in Tasmania (“beyond my imagination...”) – and, of course, in between journeys there was always the more personal geography of the lake district. An exceptional review of practice by an artist who manages to be contemplative without eschewing the sublime.

Mark Knopfler or a load of cobbles? Dubuffet or Nicholas de Stool?
Mark Knopfler or a load of cobbles? Dubuffet or Nicholas de Stool?
Mark Knopfler (Being Thrown Out of Galleries)
Bookshop Gallery
Mark Knopfler (Being Thrown Out of Galleries)
Opening Event at noon on 25/1/14 and Exhibition

‘Mark Knopfler’ will finally get a featured exhibit in the gallery after being thrown out on every street by most of the galleries in West Yorkshire last year. Baffled? You could make your own private investigations or ask artist and local hero Ian C. Taylor to explain it (Heck. Buy his book; you’re not exactly parting with money for nothing). Thenagain, why worry?

From the Sketchbook of Shirley Hughes
From the Sketchbook of Shirley Hughes
Fallen Leaves
Illustration Gallery
Fallen Leaves
January 25th to April 20th 2014

Curator Chris Mould brings together sample pages from the sketchbooks of ten leading children's illustrators, namely Emma Chichester Clark, Benji Davies, Shirley Hughes, Steven Lenton, Sarah McIntyre, David Melling, James Mayhew, Chris Riddell, Alex.T.Smith and Clara Vulliamy.
A revealing insight into the different approaches that illustrators have to devising their ideas – from free-form experiment to virtually finished composition.

Exactly whose dream are you watching...?
Exactly whose dream are you watching...?
IOU: Fulcrum
Seminar Gallery
IOU: Fulcrum
25 January – 22 February. Open Tuesday – Saturday, 12 noon – 5pm.

A fascinating and technically challenging installation across two spaces. At IOU Studios, robotically manipulated video cameras continuously pan, tilt and zoom in and out of an array of animated miniature scenes. An electric guitar is quietly plucked, bashed and strummed by spidery machines. The two machine worlds are then revealed as one story – projected in real-time in the Seminar Gallery.

IOU is supported by the Arts Council England.

A kiss or a bruise? The choice isn
A kiss or a bruise? The choice isn't yours...
Julia Gatie: The Last Kiss and more besides...
Photography Gallery
Julia Gatie: The Last Kiss, Home & Silent Listening
January 25th to April 20th 2014

“The morning I had decided to leave I put my make-up on as usual, blotted my lips, looked at the imprint on the tissue and thought to myself, ‘this is the last kiss’. I put the blotted tissue in an envelope as a reminder to myself that by the end of the day I would no longer be there. Approximately three years later and by the time the relationship ended I had collected in a box around four hundred last kisses.”

Julia Gatie's 'The Last Kiss' is, effectively, a physical photogram of an abusive relationship. It is shown here alongside 'Home', a series of images which – by using the inspired 'device' of rediscovered negatives – chart how a secure environment takes on a sinister import for a subjugated partner. Powerful stuff but not, says Julia, personal: "To me both works are a cold, clinical document of that moment in time". The exhibition will also feature Julila’s latest work, 'Silent Listening'.

The Portal Series no. 1: Dial
The Portal Series no. 1: Dial
Phil Booth: Unique Traces from Geological Time
Link Gallery
Phil Booth: Unique Traces from Geological Time
January 25th to April 20th 2014

Phil Booth returns to his childhood town after an academic career that included a significant sojourn in Japan. Whether this dislocation has contributed to his art is debateable but the work is curiously difficult to categorise. These colourful and intricate wall-hung assemblages seem poised to burst into mechanical life and are, says Phil, a reaction to landscape and nature. Many have sprung out of drawing practice – often focusing on geology or natural structures that have an 'edge of the earth’ quality. Phil emphasises the idea that the laws of nature and mathematics are the same across the universe and that he looks for 'ways forward' in unexpected zones such as engineering or architecture. The incorporation of found objects adds zest to a narrative that "is never simple and linear,” says Phil. “In the end, I don't seek to control it."

Q: Who ate all the pies?
A: The patron of Reggie
Q: Who ate all the pies? A: The patron of Reggie's Roller Palace...
Olivia Brown: Reggie’s Roller Palace
Victoria Link Walkway
Olivia Brown: Reggie’s Roller Palace
Permanent Exhibition (opening soon)

No promises, but we also hope to offer a sneak preview of Olivia Brown’s deconstruction of the cult of celebrity... an installation featuring scores of life-sized ceramic dogs. Some of them on roller skates. Obviously.

Shelley Burgoyne
Exhibiting in the Chef's School Cafe Gallery
Shelley Burgoyne
Shelley is a contemporary printmaker who works out of her own studio in Todmorden and whose intuitive approach to her subject matter extends to the innovative use of techniques. Shelley is inspired by riverside plant life and architecture and the exhibition in the Cafe space includes recent works produced during her River Reed Project residency at Gloucestershire College. She is currently AA2A Artist of the Year. See her website at:

Happy Snapper: The Art Junkies
Happy Snapper: The Art Junkies
Upstairs Gallery Collection Corridor & Painter in Residence Corridor
The Dean Clough collection represents a unique insight into the practice of painting in the North of England over the last 23 years. The Collection Corridor features some of our more notable pieces, including many items by the late, Leeds-based surrealist Tony Earnshaw, the shamanistic landscapes of Derek Hyatt, and sculpture by the Art Junkies (now beloved of the Saatchi Gallery, but once unknown studio artists here at Dean Clough). The corridor outside the Community and Education Gallery features recent and ongoing work by the former curator and artist in residence Doug Binder. Doug organises a life-drawing class every Monday here at Dean Clough (to which anyone is welcome: enquire at reception on 01422 250250)

Rediscover 'The Lost Workers'
E Mill Basement
Public viewings on July 6th and 14th from 10.00am to 1.00pm. Viewing generally available by appointment on 01422 250250

"We are all so complicated, and then we die. We are a subject one day, with our vanities, our loves, our worries, and then one day, abruptly, we become nothing… we become an object you can handle like a stone, but a stone that was someone." Christian Boltanski

In 1994 the renowned artist Christian Boltanksi exhibited at the Henry Moore Studio at Dean Clough mills and left the legacy of a permanent exhibition called 'The Lost Workers'. This exhibition – which is located in a basement room under E-Mill – comprises over 100 cardboard boxes, each of which bears the name of someone who used to work in the mills when it was the world's largest carpet factory. In each box is at least one item that either belongs to or represents the person. This might be a photograph, a newspaper clipping or – ideally – a personal object such as a spectacle case or a face mask used by them when they worked for Crossleys Carpets.
As part of the 2013 Halifax Festival we are looking to find more people who would like to add to the collection (if you can help, let Cath Graham know on ); meanwhile the installation - with its emphasis on the treacherous nature of 'legacy' - remains relevant to us all...

Fine chilling reads
The Bookshop

“Fred! He’s... he’s going to consume... his own wife’s body!” so reads one of the frames in PS Publishing’s compendium of early horror comics (does it make it better or worse to know that Fred has been transformed into a giant crab?). Classier fayre - by the likes of M.R. James, Saki or Aickman - is to be found in the superbly bound selection of books by Tartarus Press. These and similar items featured in the book shop as ongoing support for the annual 'Halifax Ghost Story Festival' in November here at Dean Clough.

Gallery Closures 2013/14
The Crossley Gallery will be closed for special events on the following dates in 2014:-

Tuesday 15th January (AM)
Wednesday 29th January (Provisional)
Thursday 30th January
Thursday 6th February (PM)
Saturday 8th March (Provisional)
Tuesday 11th March (Provisional)
Thursday 13th March (Provisional)
Tuesday 8th April
Wednesday 30th April (PM)
Saturday 28th June
Saturday 2nd July

We apologise for any inconvenience. For further enquiries or to check on provisional dates please contact Reception on 01422 250250.

Douglas Binder: Full Circle
Copies of Douglas Binder's long-awaited book 'Full Circle' are now available from the Design Shop at Dean Clough.

This 140pp book offers a comprehensive textual and pictorial review of the career and work of the much-admired painter and founding curator of the Dean Clough Galleries.

Ranging from Douglas's early memories of Bradford in the 40's and 50's to some of the key names of his generation (Hockney, The Beatles, Lucian Freud...), 'Full Circle' offers a fascinating yet refreshingly grounded 'take' on a life spent in the arts.

To order by post contact the Design Shop on 01422 250250 or via
Price £35 (+ p&p where appropriate).

IOU: Making It sessions
Renowned arts organisation IOU holds regular, monthly 'Making It' nights at Dean Clough from 7- 9pm on the first Wednesday of every month. Artists, makers and creatives from all disciplines can come and learn skills, exchange ideas, network and experiment at the IOU studio. Past themes have included 'Robotic Technology', 'Dance and Digital Art', 'Body imprints' and even 'How to Stick Things Together'.
All artists are welcome and - indeed - IOU is always interested in hearing from artists who have ideas for a 'Making It' theme or who would like to facilitate their own session. 

For more information visit or @ioutheatre
T: 01422 369217

The world's largest Lego project...?
ComEd Gallery

Is it ACTUALLY the world's largest Lego building? Impossible to say with any certainty... but the model of Dean Clough is now starting to take on awesome dimensions.

Constructed by 'Lego purists' Michael LeCount and Tony Priestman, the finished model will end up being 35' long with a 12' high chimney (and none of it is glued!).

It will now stay on its plinth in the ComEd Gallery until its eventual completion. Viewing access is occasionally restricted so do check in advance on 01422 250250 if the model is your prime reason for visiting the galleries.

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