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Welcome to DEAN CLOUGH... home to one of the UK's most active private galleries, devoted largely to the work of leading artists in the North of England. The galleries are open between 10.00am and 5.00pm, seven days a week. This page gives details of our current exhibition programme which we hope you will enjoy. Please note, though, that there are occasions when some of the galleries will not be accessible to the public. We generally advise people to call reception (01422 250250) to check availability.

Festive Season Closures
Please note that Dean Clough will be closed to the public over the following festive holiday dates:

December 25th, 26th, 27th and 28th
AND January 1st

We wish you a peaceful and rewarding break.

Don McKinlay: Civil War Yugoslavia 93
Don McKinlay: Civil War Yugoslavia 93
Don McKinlay: Civil War Yugoslavia 93
In The Spotlight Gallery
Don McKinlay: Civil War Yugoslavia 93 – October 10th 2015 to January 17th 2016

Special focus is given to this newly donated picture to the Dean Clough Collection that was painted by the widely-admired Don McKinlay (b. Bootle 1929).

It's a 'larger statement' than McKinlay habitually makes but (if only because of its subdued palette) invokes Walter Sickert as many of his works do; and has his characteristically expansive handling of paint and confident figuration.

The painting has been jointly donated by Judith and Campbell Malone. Campbell was the solicitor that in 1992 helped bring about the release of STEFAN KISZKO, the Rochdale man wrongly gaoled for the murder of LESLEY MOLESEED (...something that happened almost exactly 40 years ago on 5th October, 1975).

Campbell and Judith bought the painting with the consultation fee given them for the TV film about Kiszko, ‘A Life for a Life’.

After 16 years of penal abuse, Stefan Kiszko enjoyed less than a year of freedom before dying of a heart attack. Stefan’s mother, Charlotte, passed away some six months later, but not before Campbell had promised her that her son’s story would not be forgotten.

Accordingly Campbell’s account of the events will be featured here in full and when the work is put on permanent display it will remain dedicated to the memory of Stefan and Charlotte Kiszko.

Central panel from the Grouse Butts triptych
Central panel from the Grouse Butts triptych
Margaret Uttley: Mor
In the Crossley Gallery
Margaret Uttley: Mor – October 10th 2015 to January 17th 2016

A sizeable, magnificent, yet deeply-considered exhibition by MARGARET UTTLEY (b. Todmorden 1965)that gives full scope to the complex interplay of (gamekeeper) management, conservation and wilful wildlife on the Pennine moors ('Mor' is the Saxon word for moortops).

It's easy to succumb to the expansive vistas and romantic skies but this is an artist testing her skills to the full: experimenting with etched acrylic, scorched wood and ‘frame-busting’ formats in a bid to convey the depth of her concerns.

A series of exceptionally large graphite and charcoal drawings form the keystone to the exhibition and display a consummate tonal judgement.

Supported by ACE.

'Out of Darkness' will be a stunning installation. Get a glimpse now if you can...
Jenny Kagan: Out of Darkness
In the Viaduct Theatre
October 10th to 19th 2015 ONLY
Viewing from 11.00am to 6.00pm

A limited opportunity to preview Jenny Kagan’s entrancing, multiform installation in the atmospheric Viaduct Theatre – and to contribute to its full realisation here next summer.

Drawing on stories told to her by her parents about their survival in hiding in Lithuania during WW2, ‘Out of Darkness’ uses images, music, projection and built environments to draw audiences into a narrative that is both personal and universal.

Portrait of Dave Gunning by Don McKinlay
Portrait of Dave Gunning by Don McKinlay
The Dave Gunning Collection
In the Upstairs Galleries
The Dave Gunning Collection – October 10th 2015 to January 17th 2016

DAVE GUNNING (b. London,1938) has been running the Todmorden Fine Art Gallery since 1981 and this delightful, painterly exhibition is a rare opportunity to see pieces that he has been gifted over the years by numerous artists of significant repute.

Such gifts seem only just. When Dave started the gallery – after giving up a 20 year career as a French teacher – his opening stock had been his own collection of 250 paintings (“I had no money, but plenty of pictures” he recalls).

This exhibition of over 50 works is figureheaded by a sizeable number of works by Don McKinlay (see 'Spotlight Gallery; below); but it seems sadly apt to focus on the inclusion of several paintings by Gordon Radford (b. 1936) who died unexpectedly at the end of September.

Both were among the painters that Dave Gunning has championed tirelessly since the 1980s recession forced him and his late business partner, Brian Middleton, to abandon historic oils in favour of contemporary, northern work.

“We found a rich vein of amazing talent," says Dave. "I’ve thoroughly enjoyed promoting their work and watching their meteoric rise in the market.”

'A Ubiquity of Sparrows'. The eponymous etching's title dispenses with the question mark...
Janis Goodman: The Ubiquity of Sparrows?
In the Link Gallery
Janis Goodman: The Ubiquity of Sparrows? – October 10th 2015 to January 17th 2016

Leeds-based artist JANIS GOODMAN has been making her distinctive etchings and aquatints for over 20 years.

“I want my prints to illustrate a sideways glance at the world. Much of my work concerns places I know well, views I look at constantly and which have become an integral part of my mind’s eye," she says. "I am attracted to the unusual in the midst of the everyday. I try to avoid sentimentality but aim to focus on the quirky and the irregular”.

All of which is true, yet in recent years Janis has opted for more ambitious, unifying designs; just as her omnipresent birds seem to have both proliferated and become more articulate.

“The presence of birds in my work reflects my pleasure in their proximity. It also links to an interest in what they symbolise: the significance of their seasonal rhythms, their lively beauty and the fragility of their existence in the face of human degradation”.

Janis’ title invokes the collective noun for sparrows – but adds a plangent question mark in view of their catastrophic drop in numbers.

Smoking Staff Sergeant
Smoking Staff Sergeant
Julian Dyer: Relieve and Remember
In the Photography Gallery
Julian Dyer: Relive and Remember – October 10th 2015 to January 17th 2016

‘Relive and Remember’ explores our relationship with the two ‘world wars’ through re-enactment events held around the UK. JULIAN DYER achieves an unsettling authenticity by using traditional film in a mid-1970’s Mamiya C330F TLR press camera.

This anachronistic complexity in a time of digital convenience might seem a suitable tribute to people who want to recreate and re-enact a time of conflict and austerity; but there’s more than nostalgia at work here. Julian is challenging the argument put forward by Jean Baudrillard (1929-2007) that the passage of time bleeds photographs of their authenticity, turning them into simulacra.

While the deception practiced here might be benign, the question of which historic elements are real and which are not raises questions about how our past is celebrated, and how we can remember those who are no longer with us.

Magritte or Maigret...?
Magritte or Maigret...?
ICT etc..
In the Missing Link Gallery
ICT etc..
October 10th 2015 to January 17th 2016

Bradford-based artist Ian C. Taylor (b. Derby 1945) continues his series of found and occasionally profound art works.

Ian began working at Bradford School of Art in 1969, was once "a freelance sculptor for TV", claims inspiration from both Gaudier-Brzeska and Fred Astaire and is collected by the likes of Sir Terrance Conran, Andy Goldsworthy, Stephen Frears and Albert Hunt. ICT etc.. is an ongoing, mutating and geyser-ish celebration of the imagination’s fecundity.

IOU: Making It sessions
Renowned arts organisation IOU holds regular, monthly 'Making It' nights at Dean Clough from 7- 9pm on the first Wednesday of every month. Artists, makers and creatives from all disciplines can come and learn skills, exchange ideas, network and experiment at the IOU studio. Past themes have included 'Robotic Technology', 'Dance and Digital Art', 'Body imprints' and even 'How to Stick Things Together'.
All artists are welcome and - indeed - IOU is always interested in hearing from artists who have ideas for a 'Making It' theme or who would like to facilitate their own session. 

For more information visit or @ioutheatre
T: 01422 369217

Rediscover 'The Lost Workers'
E Mill Basement
Viewing generally available by appointment on 01422 250250

"We are all so complicated, and then we die. We are a subject one day, with our vanities, our loves, our worries, and then one day, abruptly, we become nothing… we become an object you can handle like a stone, but a stone that was someone." Christian Boltanski

In 1994 the renowned artist Christian Boltanksi exhibited at the Henry Moore Studio at Dean Clough mills and left the legacy of a permanent exhibition called 'The Lost Workers'. This exhibition – which is located in a basement room under E-Mill – comprises over 100 cardboard boxes, each of which bears the name of someone who used to work in the mills when it was the world's largest carpet factory. In each box is at least one item that either belongs to or represents the person. This might be a photograph, a newspaper clipping or – ideally – a personal object such as a spectacle case or a face mask used by them when they worked for Crossleys Carpets.

Upcoming Crossley Gallery Closures
The CROSSLEY GALLERY is occasionally closed for special events during the week. Currently scheduled closures include the following dates:
Monday 23rd November
Thursday 26th November
Thursday 3rd December
Saturday 5th December (provisional)
Tuesday 8th & Wednesday 9th December
Friday 18th December
[Note that ALL galleries are closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day and Monday 27th & Tuesday 28th December; PLUS Friday 1st January New Year’s Day]
Monday 18th January
Thursday 21st & Friday 22nd January (provisional)
Thursday 28th & Friday 29th January (provisional)
Saturday 19th March
Friday 25th March

If you are travelling any significant distance we strongly advise that you check in advance with our Reception on 01422 250250.

The world's largest Lego brick project...?
ComEd Gallery

Is it ACTUALLY the world's largest Lego building? Impossible to say with any certainty... but the model of Dean Clough is now starting to take on awesome dimensions.

Constructed by 'Lego purists' Michael LeCount and Tony Priestman, the finished model will end up being 35' long with a 12' high chimney (and none of it is glued!).

It will now stay on its plinth in the Illustration Gallery until its eventual completion. Viewing access is occasionally restricted so do check in advance on 01422 250250 if the model is your prime reason for visiting the galleries.

Happy Snapper: The Art Junkies
Happy Snapper: The Art Junkies
Upstairs Gallery Collection Corridor & Painter in Residence Corridor
The Dean Clough collection represents a unique insight into the practice of painting in the North of England over the last 23 years. The Collection Corridor features some of our more notable pieces, including many items by the late, Leeds-based surrealist Tony Earnshaw, the shamanistic landscapes of Derek Hyatt, and sculpture by the Art Junkies (now beloved of the Saatchi Gallery, but once unknown studio artists here at Dean Clough). The corridor outside the Community and Education Gallery features recent and ongoing work by the former curator and artist in residence Doug Binder. Doug organises a life-drawing class every Monday here at Dean Clough (to which anyone is welcome: enquire at reception on 01422 250250)

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