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Welcome to DEAN CLOUGH... home to one of the UK's most active private galleries, devoted largely to the work of leading artists in the North of England. The galleries are open between 10.00am and 5.00pm, seven days a week. This page gives details of our current exhibition programme which we hope you will enjoy. Please note, though, that there are occasions when some of the galleries will not be accessible to the public. We generally advise people to call reception (01422 250250) to check availability.

Gallery Closures 2013/14
The Crossley Gallery will be CLOSED for special events on the following dates in 2014:-

Tuesday 02nd December
Thursday 4th December
Friday 5th December
Closing at 4.00pm on Thursday 11th December
Friday 12th December
Saturday 13th December (Confirmed)
Tuesday 16th December (PM) (Provisional)
Wednesday 17th December
Thursday 18th December
Friday 19th December

ALL the galleries will be closed over the CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS for the following days:–

Thursday 25th December (Christmas Day)
Friday 26th December (Boxing Day)
Thursday 1st January (New Year Day)

On the 24th, 29th, 30th and 31st December the galleries will close at 4.00pm

We apologise for any inconvenience. For further enquiries or to check on provisional dates please contact Reception on 01422 250250.

Jo Brown: Open Pathways
Crossley Gallery
Jo Brown: Open Pathways
October 18th 2014 to January 3rd 2015

The last element to fall into place in this substantial show of abstract paintings and drawings was the title. Most conceptual artists know exactly where they’ll end up before they open their studio door; but when Jo Brown (b. 1945 and a ‘Dean Clough artist’ for some two decades) starts a painting, she doesn’t know what it will be.

“This ‘not knowing’ is very important to me,” she says “because of the improvisatory, intuitive way in which I work, which depends on being sensitive to what is happening as a painting unfolds. The natural world is always there somewhere in the background as I explore the feeling of landscape through colour. So, my use of colour is much more about feelings than figuration”.

The fact that Jo is widely collected (by municipal galleries as much as private collectors) and pays homage to Turner, Matisse, Heron, John Hoyland, Gary Wragg and Paul Tonkin offers a reassuring set of imprimaturs to those made nervous by abstract work. However, all they really need to do is access the paintings in the same disembarrassed spirit that Jo creates them. "The challenge has been to retain a strong basic structure while painting freely and gesturally," she says.

Roberts' memorable lead illustration for Chris Priestley's book 'Uncle Montague's Tales of Terror'
David Roberts: Tales of Terror
Illustration Gallery
David Roberts: Tales of Terror
October 18th 2014 to January 3rd 2015

David Roberts (b. Liverpool, 1970) studied fashion design at Manchester Metropolitan University and recalls working (hyphen-etically) as a hat-maker, shelf-stacker, egg-fryer, hair-washer, film-extra and coffee-maker before illustrating his first book (‘Frankie Stein’s Robot’ by Roy Apps) in 1998. Equally at home with colour as he is with black-and-white, David has gone on to visualise the scribblings of many leading children’s authors. Collaborators include previous children’s laureates, Jaqueline Wilson and Julia Donaldson, among many others. Roberts cites influences from Heath Robinson, Edward Gorey and Gustave Doré. In this beautifully mounted show (curated by Chris Mould) he displays an impressive aptitude for the monochrome image as he brings Chris Priestley’s chilling ‘Tales of Terror’ to life with a mesmerising array of minutely detailed drawings.

Chris Cullen: The Ingenious Gentleman
Upstairs Galleries
Chris Cullen: The Ingenious Gentleman
October 18th 2014 to January 3rd 2015

Todmorden-based artist Chris Cullen (b. Chorley 1948) has been carrying around Cervante’s satire on chivalric conventions – ‘El ingenioso hidalgo don Quijote de la Mancha’ – since 1982. He’d even convinced himself that he’d read it… until in 2010 someone presented him with the full text (the remarkable 2nd volume of which was printed exactly 400 years ago). Since then Chris has been compulsively generating scenes from the book in both paint and ceramics. Given that even Picasso and Dali couldn’t dislodge the hegemony of Gustave Doré’s 19th C. illustrations, you might wonder what Chris was hoping to achieve. He’s the first to admit that his oil paintings owe everything to Doré’s imagery and reveals that he found a forgotten copy of Dali’s Quixote in his teenage sketchbooks.

And while it is evident that (unlike the many sentimental, theatrical adaptations) Chris has grasped Cervante’s uncannily post-modern epistemology; there is no intrusive literary exegesis in this extensive show. “I just had the book in my head. I wanted to elaborate it, to see it in full colour, to get the full tilt of Quixote, to get that roundness… what I really wanted was a pop-up book!”.

It’s an unapologetic celebration, then; and an exhibition as much BY an ‘ingenioso hidalgo’ as it is ABOUT one.

ICT etc..
Missing Link Gallery
ICT etc..

Now and for the foreseeable furore, we’re pleased to announce that the Bradford-based artist Ian C. Taylor (b. Derby 1945) has volunteered to stud the cubic terminus of the Link Gallery with his unique brand of found and occasionally profound art.

Ian began working at Bradford School of Art in 1969, was once "a freelance sculptor for TV", claims inspiration from both Gaudier-Brzeska and Fred Astaire and is collected by the likes of Sir Terrance Conran, Andy Goldsworthy, Stephen Frears and Albert Hunt. A geyser-ish celebration of the imagination’s fecundity.

Link Gallery
October 18th 2014 to January 3rd 2015

From the dawn of the steam-powered engine to the potentially vivid sunset of the nuclear power station, Britain is justly proud of its scientific achievements. But is it possible that the chill wind of austerity could numb the digits that gave the world its first programmable computer? Could we not use this wind to fan the embers of our inspiration and restore the white heat of technology?

For that we need Boffinworld.

Experimental yet economical, Boffinworld is a heady blend of research and recreation. In a holiday camp atmosphere Britons can relax among the rocketry and LEARN from LEISURE. From the Big Bang to the tequila slammer Boffinworld aims to put the fun back into physics.

Realised here is the first Boffinworld project; a response to the L.G.M. question. Its S.E.T.I. project (Send Extraterrestrials Tea Immediately) uses cold war technology to deliver a hot beverage. The ‘Brown Streak’ projectile will deliver a payload of warm, soothing tea to our neighbours in this universe or beyond.

Erik Knudsen: Cuba in Waiting
Photography Gallery
Eric Knudsen: Cuba in Waiting
October 18th 2014 to January 3rd 2015

Film maker, photographer and University of Salford professor, Erik Knudsen was invited to see Cuba ‘before Fidel Castro died’. That was in 1998 and Castro (albeit ghosted by his brother Raul) is still, very much, alive. Knudsen’s thoughtfully constructed, colour-bleached photographs have been amassed over the last four years and depict a string of poised yet static incidents in bars, paddocks and arenas across Havana Province. While acknowledging the genuine reverence that Castro commands, Knudsen also lays bare the poverty and repression that hold a renownedly educated and energetic people in check. “Everyone” he says, “is waiting for change”.

Breton Musicians
Breton Musicians
People, Places and Things...
Mur d’entrée
People, Places and Things (Monterblanc and Sowerby Bridge)
October 18th 2014 to January 3rd 2015

A cultural collaboration between Sowerby Bridge and Monterblanc (Brittany) has resulted in this exhibition of mobile phone photographs taken by members of each town. Originally conceived by artist Sue Cordingley thes Sowerby Bridge photographs were first exhibited in the Micro Gallery at The Blind Pig and Gabriel's Coffee Lounge,Sowerby Bridge.

Gaelle Favennec,deputy Mayor of Monterblanc became interested in the culture of Sowerby Bridge through her friendship with Irene Murphy, who was also seminal to the project.

"Gaelle was especially interested in all of the festivals that are held in Sowerby Bridge... Rushbearing, Winterlight and the Artsbridge," says Irene. "She  suggested a twinning of the two towns but this wasn't financially feasible so a cultural exchange seemed the best option. We hope there'll be many more such exchanges."

(Curated by Irene Murphy. Sue Cordingley and Gaelle Favennec with technical help from Richard Taylor and Mark A B  Murphy).

"The black page from Tristram Shandy"
"The black page from Tristram Shandy"
Stephen Weir: And while we play tennis
Seminar Gallery
Stephen Weir: And While We Play Tennis
October 18th 2014 to January 3rd 2015

Stephen Weir (b. Ripon 1954) has spent a lot of time in the South of France where he paints abstracts under the Languedoc sun. This exhibition, however, centres on his mixed-media, boxed collages. "My collages are about living in a frenzied, media-dominated 21st Century in the UK where we are constantly bombarded by news through virulent electronic media," he says. "...This is the opposite of life in Southern France".

Weir (who was tutored by Terry Frost at Reading in the Seventies) admits to being drawn to 24hr news coverage but "watches in bewilderment the absurd events that are revealed". Instead of generating a sense of global inclusion, he argues, the ‘media blare’ creates a sense of isolation and alienation.

"These works are secret documents exhibited for you, the viewer, to decode and unravel".

Douglas Binder: Full Circle
Copies of Douglas Binder's long-awaited book 'Full Circle' are now available from the Design Shop at Dean Clough.

This 140pp book offers a comprehensive textual and pictorial review of the career and work of the much-admired painter and founding curator of the Dean Clough Galleries.

Ranging from Douglas's early memories of Bradford in the 40's and 50's to some of the key names of his generation (Hockney, The Beatles, Lucian Freud...), 'Full Circle' offers a fascinating yet refreshingly grounded 'take' on a life spent in the arts.

To order by post contact the Design Shop on 01422 250250 or via
Price £35 (+ p&p where appropriate).

Rediscover 'The Lost Workers'
E Mill Basement
Public viewings on July 6th and 14th from 10.00am to 1.00pm. Viewing generally available by appointment on 01422 250250

"We are all so complicated, and then we die. We are a subject one day, with our vanities, our loves, our worries, and then one day, abruptly, we become nothing… we become an object you can handle like a stone, but a stone that was someone." Christian Boltanski

In 1994 the renowned artist Christian Boltanksi exhibited at the Henry Moore Studio at Dean Clough mills and left the legacy of a permanent exhibition called 'The Lost Workers'. This exhibition – which is located in a basement room under E-Mill – comprises over 100 cardboard boxes, each of which bears the name of someone who used to work in the mills when it was the world's largest carpet factory. In each box is at least one item that either belongs to or represents the person. This might be a photograph, a newspaper clipping or – ideally – a personal object such as a spectacle case or a face mask used by them when they worked for Crossleys Carpets.
As part of the 2013 Halifax Festival we are looking to find more people who would like to add to the collection (if you can help, let Cath Graham know on ); meanwhile the installation - with its emphasis on the treacherous nature of 'legacy' - remains relevant to us all...

IOU: Making It sessions
Renowned arts organisation IOU holds regular, monthly 'Making It' nights at Dean Clough from 7- 9pm on the first Wednesday of every month. Artists, makers and creatives from all disciplines can come and learn skills, exchange ideas, network and experiment at the IOU studio. Past themes have included 'Robotic Technology', 'Dance and Digital Art', 'Body imprints' and even 'How to Stick Things Together'.
All artists are welcome and - indeed - IOU is always interested in hearing from artists who have ideas for a 'Making It' theme or who would like to facilitate their own session. 

For more information visit or @ioutheatre
T: 01422 369217

Fine chilling reads
The Bookshop

“Fred! He’s... he’s going to consume... his own wife’s body!” so reads one of the frames in PS Publishing’s compendium of early horror comics (does it make it better or worse to know that Fred has been transformed into a giant crab?). Classier fayre - by the likes of M.R. James, Saki or Aickman - is to be found in the superbly bound selection of books by Tartarus Press. These and similar items featured in the book shop as ongoing support for the annual 'Halifax Ghost Story Festival' in November here at Dean Clough.

The world's largest Lego project...?
ComEd Gallery

Is it ACTUALLY the world's largest Lego building? Impossible to say with any certainty... but the model of Dean Clough is now starting to take on awesome dimensions.

Constructed by 'Lego purists' Michael LeCount and Tony Priestman, the finished model will end up being 35' long with a 12' high chimney (and none of it is glued!).

It will now stay on its plinth in the ComEd Gallery until its eventual completion. Viewing access is occasionally restricted so do check in advance on 01422 250250 if the model is your prime reason for visiting the galleries.

Happy Snapper: The Art Junkies
Happy Snapper: The Art Junkies
Upstairs Gallery Collection Corridor & Painter in Residence Corridor
The Dean Clough collection represents a unique insight into the practice of painting in the North of England over the last 23 years. The Collection Corridor features some of our more notable pieces, including many items by the late, Leeds-based surrealist Tony Earnshaw, the shamanistic landscapes of Derek Hyatt, and sculpture by the Art Junkies (now beloved of the Saatchi Gallery, but once unknown studio artists here at Dean Clough). The corridor outside the Community and Education Gallery features recent and ongoing work by the former curator and artist in residence Doug Binder. Doug organises a life-drawing class every Monday here at Dean Clough (to which anyone is welcome: enquire at reception on 01422 250250)

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