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Marlon Davies… giving out smiles.
Marlon Davies… giving out smiles.
Dean Clough Comedy Night
Dean Clough Comedy Night
Friday, April 18th 2014 at 8.00pm
Viaduct Cafe, Dean Clough HX3 5AX
Early doors 7.00pm. Performance 8.00pm
Tickets £8.00 (£56 for table of 8)
Book on or 01422 255266

MARLON DAVIES (“Marlon bursts onto the stage like a breath of fresh air, with an impish grin, boyish enthusiasm and an effortlessly open, confident style'" - Chortle)
SALLY ANNE HAYWARD ("Exceptionally funny"- The Independent)
DAVE TWENTYMAN (“" Fantastic & Friendly" - The Northern Echo)

And DON’T FORGET that you can come EARLY for a CURRY!
Freshly cooked on the premises and served between 6.00pm and 7.15pm. Ten quid gets you freshly cooked vegetarian or meat options with rice and naan. Group tables especially are asked to order in advance on 01422 366516 or via

Future gigs include: May 16th - Jimmy McGhie, TBC & Andre Vincent; June 20th - Tom Wrigglesworth, Pete Firman & Dave Twentyman; July 18th - Rob Rouse, TBC & TBC

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Sarah Gillespie Quartet
Sarah Gillespie Quartet
30th April 2014 at 8.00pm
The Crossley Gallery, Dean Clough

"She is an original," said the Guardian's John Fordham of Sarah Gillespie - and amid the many attempts to define her style, Fordham's early description of her as combining "Bob Dylan’s lyrical bite and languid delivery to the forthrightness of Joni Mitchell, with a little rap-like percussiveness thrown in" - probably remains as accurate as any. It was always tempting to ascribe Gillespie's bright colours and dramatic effects to her early collusion with the stridently talented saxophonist Gilad Atzmon; but despite recent associations with performers as divalently potent as Kit Downes and Wilco Johnson, she remains unapologetically distinctive … and, as a result, ever more credible. "Brilliant," said Robert Wyatt "The bee's knees". 

Tickets: £12 (£10 concs) and £5.00 (Students)

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This picture shows the planetary nebula M2-9 as it transforms from a regular star to a white dwarf (Gemini Telescope, Hawaii)
This picture shows the planetary nebula M2-9 as it transforms from a regular star to a white dwarf (Gemini Telescope, Hawaii)
Cafe Scientifique
• 7 May 2014 at 7:30 pm
The Chefs' School Cafe (Free Talk)
Death of the Sun
With Albert Zijlstra
Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics, University of Manchester

Stars are beautiful, even in death. A star like the Sun ends its life by ejecting its outer layers. The ejecta briefly become ionized by the remnant, hot core of the star: these so-called planetary nebulae are among the prettiest objects in the night sky. The Sun will create its own planetary nebulae in about five billion years time.

Much of this late evolution is not understood. We do not know what drives the catastrophic mass loss, which can remove up to 80% of the mass of the star in less than a hundred thousand years. We do not know what shapes the ejecta. Planetary nebulae are often elliptical, bipolar, or even multi-polar - few are round: what can cause the wind of a spherical star to become so aspherical?

What happens to the ejecta after the planetary nebula is gone? The ejected material is enriched by the product of nuclear burning: much of the light elements in the Universe, such as carbon and nitrogen, and half of all elements heavier than iron, come from stars like the Sun. Do we see the signs of the Sun's ancestors in the Solar System?

This talk will discuss the origin and evolution of planetary nebulae, as studied at the Jodrell Bank Centre in Manchester.
Café Scientifique: May Menu
Sandwiches, cakes and refreshments are always available in the Chef's School at the Viaduct. Hot food is served between 6.00pm and 7.00pm. A menu will be posted here prior to the event and should be ordered BY THE PREVIOUS DAY from the menu below on either OR telephone 01422 366516.
The next Cafe Scientifique will be on 4th June 2014 at 7:30 pm and is ‘Measuring Air Pollution and Monitoring Climate Change from Orbit’ with Professor Peter Bernath, Dept of Chemistry, University of York. More information on

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Halifax Anime and Manga Convention
Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th July
11.00am to 5.00pm

As part of the Halifax Festival, Dean Clough is proud to host the first Halifax Anime and Manga Convention. The galleries and the Viaduct Theatre will be given over to a full programme of merchandise stalls, cosplay and special guests from the cult world of anime, manga and related computer games, card games and TV series.

There will also be a chance to explore Japanese culture through martial arts demonstrations, origami, shopping and even cooking... but watch this space for more details!

Weekend tickets are now available for £15.00.
Individual tickets for either the Saturday or the Sunday are available at £10.
(NB Tickets should be available on line shortly but can be booked at the box office NOW on 01422 255266)

Keep updated on (where there is also a link to the Facebook page).

Anyone who is interested in exhibiting should contact festival director Hailey Roebuck on

Regular visitors will not be able to access the galleries this weekend - although the Chefs' School Cafe will be open as normal.

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Young or old, athletic or sedentary - Tai Chi is designed for you!
Young or old, athletic or sedentary - Tai Chi is designed for you!
Tai Chi
The Corner House @ Dean Clough
Every Tuesday 12.30pm to 1.30pm

Calm mind: Strong body!

Specialist guidance in Tai Chi sessions held by Marsha from Tai Chi Tigers. Tai Chi strengthens muscles, improves balance and co-ordination and is good for blood pressure and posture. First timers welcome to come and watch before committing to a six-week session. Ring Marsha on 07810 094395.

SPECIAL OFFER of £30.00 for a six-week course fee (ie £5.00 per session). PLEASE NOTE: This event is not available via the internet. Booking is via the telephopne number above and payment is made on the day.

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Igniting the Spark
"Igniting The Spark" is Gaia Holmes' popular series of informal weekly writing workshops that are suitable for writers of all abilities: a selection of practical and inspiring writing exercises (aided by fine biscuits) that are specially designed to generate poetry or prose.

‘Writing-writing anything at all, is to invite a dynamic meld of anarchy and discipline, to leave our prints in the fizzing fuse-lit possible places between order and chaos’ – Ali Smith

When: Tuesdays 5.30-7.00 (Spring 2014 season starts on the 28th of January - but join when you wish!).
Where: Room D32, D Mill, Dean Clough, Halifax. 
How Much: £5.00, £3.50 concessions (booking recommended)
For more details: Tel (01422) 369575 or email

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Image by Keith Hanselman
Image by Keith Hanselman
Life Drawing
A regular life-drawing session takes place at Dean Clough every Monday (excluding Bank Holidays).

Convened by painter in residence Doug Binder, the sessions run from 10.30 to 12.30 in the morning and from 1.30 to 3.30 in the afternoon.

Bring your own materials. Fees are £5.50 per session (ie £11.00 for the whole day).

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Michael LeCount (l) and Tony Priestman (r)
(pic: Lorne Campbell)
Michael LeCount (l) and Tony Priestman (r) (pic: Lorne Campbell)
The Dean Clough Lego brick model
The Dean Clough Lego brick model will eventually use around a million bricks, be 35 foot long and have a chimney that's over 7 foot high.

RIGHT NOW, though, it's a 'mere' 15 foot long... and actually it's still pretty stunning.

Lego modellers Michael LeCount and Tony Priestman are at present studiously crafting the landscape around the East end of the half-mile site that used to be the world's largest carpet mill. You can see how it is progressing - for free - at any time during the normal gallery hours of 9.30am to 5.00pm, seven days a week.

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